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Jared Boggess / Battlefields - A Doc Profile

A conversation about redemption with illustrator Jared Boggess.

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Jared Boggess is an illustrator, art director, father and a longtime friend of director Zack Wilson. Growing up in the landscape where some of the heaviest parts of America's civil war took place creates a lot of questions to wrestle with. Today, these landscapes are preserved - offering a peaceful place to observe nature, but the topography still shows the unnatural cuts of the trenches, and the very soil in these places was once soaked with the blood of battle.

In this documentary profile piece, considering the way nature has worked to redeem these spaces provides a launching point for considering human nature, the pursuit of beauty in art, and the ability for art to be a means of redemption.

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Jared Boggess walking in the woods
Jared Boggess in the forest
Jared Boggess drawing in his sketchbook at a battlefield
Jared Boggess choosing a drawing pen
Jared Boggess drawing in a sketchbook
drawing with a light table
Jared Boggess drawing on his light table
Jared Boggess drawing on a light table
Jared Boggess and his daughter
Magazine article by James L. Swanson

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