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Project Information

In 2011, FairEnds was born with the simple mission to create hats for the people, or as they put it, “something for everyone." Well, “everyone” happens to include Adam Naples - photographer, van-builder, and a good friend of Thread.

We had the opportunity to create this fun little film for FairEnds, exploring Adam’s connection with vans, the reward of (re)building something you love, and the irreplaceable feeling of heading west.

One benefit of profiling a photographer/cinematographer is having access to the visual assets they've created through their body of work. We wanted to find a way to integrate and celebrate the freedom we feel in Adam's images while creating a foundation to carry the thoughtfulness of the story.

  • Services
  • Documentary Film
  • Art Direction
  • Sound Design
  • Credits
  • Director / DP: Zack Wilson
  • Super 8 and Photography: Adam Naples
  • Art Direction and Title Design: Chris Conley
working in a garage
man at workbench
skateboarder by a van
Vintage van and skateboards
vintage van by lake and mountains
golden hour mountains
sunny mountains
fixing headlight

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