butcher prepping meat at Cabalar Meat Co.

Cabalar / A New Digital Home for Cabalar

Crafting a new digital home and experience for the best burger spot in town.

Project Information

After working with Cabalar on their original website back in 2019 (a simple landing page for customers to access his menu), Steve Cabalar came back to Thread for our help again: this time to expand the site to better capture the brand's laidback playful personality, improve upon the back end editing experience for his constantly changing menu, as well as highlight the addition of his new food truck.

When it comes to managing a complex menu with multiple locations, we felt that the Webflow CMS was adding friction and complexity, so naturally, we decided on Sanity as the CMS. Sanity would allow for easy menu modification — giving the culinary team at Cabalar full control over adding menu items and even updating categories. It also allowed us to unify the editing experience for the Cabalar team after the addition of their food truck, which has a different menu, and bring all management under one digital roof.

We were able to create modularity with the pages, allowing content editors to quickly make changes, add in new blocks, and scale the website alongside the business. They can now spin up new pages without the help of our team or any additional development.

Cabalar's new website build represents a new foundation for digital fun for the restaurant. Keep an eye out for more features being added soon!

  • Services
  • Web Development
  • Digital Design
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Copywriting
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Technologies
  • NextJS, Sanity, Vercel
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Bo the snake Cabalar illustration
Cabalar illustrations of food and truck
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