A New Chapter for Thread

We have excitedly made the decision to reposition our brand, and start an exciting new chapter at Thread! We are now a “multi-disciplinary creative studio”.

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The story of Thread, in its original form, started in the winter of 2018. After nearly a decade of freelancing as a photographer, film director, and cinematographer, Zack decided to plant a more permanent flag in the ground, and Thread was born. Since our launch, we have had one focus: to create film content that moves the heart of the viewer, and serves the mission and vision of the brand or organization who commissioned it. With that goal in mind, we were off to the races, and over the past 2 years, we have had the opportunity to partner with some incredible agencies, brands, and organizations to create film work that we are really proud of.

We have always believed in film as an extremely powerful, direct, and moving creative medium. If we can immerse the viewer for 30 seconds - or 30 minutes - the opportunity to create change is unrivaled. Yet, as we took on increasing roles in client management, concept development, producing, and collaborating with local filmmakers, we came to a slow realization: For us, film is a vehicle that brings us close to the hearts of our agency partners and clients. We’ve realized that the opportunity to exist in those moments -exploring the heart underneath our client's creative needs - is core to who we are. As we’ve internalized that realization, and started to act from that understanding, we have decided to change course slightly.

Chris joins the team

In early fall 2019, we welcomed Chris Conley to the Thread team. Chris is trained as a designer, and his most recent endeavor was co-founding a company that aimed at supporting startups for success through branding, positioning, and design. Prior to going to school for design, Chris also had experience touring with a documentary film across the country in support of an organization, and is a big believer in film. He had seen first-hand the power that film can have to move a culture.

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Chris is an intuitive creative who can excel across disciplines, and he was willing to let design play a complementary role to our film projects. His innate sense as a visual creator and his ability to rally people integrated seamlessly into so many important roles on a film crew. So when Chris jumped in, one option for us was to focus solely on film. Still, we wanted to be thoughtful about Thread's future, so we started a months long conversation about who we are and what Thread is meant to be.

Who Are We, Really?

As we work with clients, we always start with conversations designed to help them look inward. Our goal is to first explore who they are, and then to allow that understanding to influence what they do, how they do it, and how they talk about it. And so, we owed it to ourselves to follow that same path of exploration. As we did, we quickly realized that our conviction about design ran just as deep as our conviction about film. We realized that when it really comes down to it, the most honorable path forward for us is one that recognizes and stewards the passions and skillsets that we have on our team.

We quickly realized that our conviction about design ran just as deep as our conviction about film.

And so, we have excitedly made the decision to officially reposition our brand, and start an exciting new chapter at Thread. As we roll out our new brand and website, we are excited to announce that we are now positioning Thread as a “multi-disciplinary creative studio”. We are focused on the output of high quality visual creative. We are passionate about exploring deep connections with our brand and agency collaborators. We are excited to work closely with brands and agencies to create films, design, and photography that communicate the heart of our collaborators to their audience.

So what’s next?

Many of you have only known Thread as a filmmaking team. That won’t change. We are as passionate as ever about creating films that move the hearts of an audience. We are excited about the films that we have in the pipeline, and can’t wait to bring those to your screen. As we do that, we are also eager to show you some of the design work that we’ve quietly been doing over the past 6 months. Check out our work page on the new website to see a little of what we’ve been up to. Moving forward, you’ll still see film related content on our social media, but you’ll also see design and photo work popping up. Don’t worry - it’s still us!

We feel inspired for this next chapter. We feel excited for the opportunities that await, and we can’t wait to hear how we might be able to partner with you. We are committed to creating with conviction and boldness. If you’ve got a film, design or photo project in mind, and feel like we might be a good fit, drop us a line here.

Written By:Zack Wilson
Posted on:07.21.2020
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