Old North

Repositioning a craftsman for the long haul

Project Overview

Spencer Ratliff is a custom furniture designer, based in Knoxville, Tennessee. He believes that products aren’t meant to be consumed and discarded. When he crafts heirloom-quality furniture, his loving labor, his skill, and sweat, infuse the wood, leather, and metal with deeper meaning. We were able to partner with Spencer and lead him through naming, brand strategy exercises, identity design, and more.


Strategy, Naming, Branding, Identity Design, Digital Design


By the time a porch swing, table, chair, or bar stool is ready for service, it has a story. People connect with those stories. They enjoy sharing them. For Spencer those connections and stories are a legacy that began with designing and building custom pieces one at a time. Over time, however, larger commercial projects and installations throughout East Tennessee began to eclipse his custom furniture orders. Spencer was the same craftsman with the same skills and work ethic, but his business trajectory had changed. His visual identity and messaging weren’t relevant or attractive to the affluent commercial clients he wanted and desired. He needed a complete overhaul in order for his brand to reflect the level of quality, beauty, and professionalism he brings to every project.

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“It’s hard to express my gratitude for everything Chris did for my business. To be honest, I came pretty close to throwing in the towel. Thankfully, I made one of the best decisions of my career and reached out to Thread. Investing in my brand was a turning point for me."
Spencer Ratliff - Owner